Smashing Ants

WFES Kid Empowerment Smashing ANTs™ plus Leadership FUNdamentals Fostering confidence, resilience, self-management, and success… one child at a time.

REGISTER AT WWW.SMASHINGANTS.COM. CLASSES BEGIN AFTER SPRING BREAK! Thursdays/7 weeks/Apr 16–Jun4 (no class May21)/3:55PM-4:55PM/$125/Grades 1 – 4

We all have ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts – from time to time. What’s important is knowing what to do with them! Smashing ANTs™ is a unique program that gives kids the tools to recognize their ANTs, plus the language and resiliency skills to challenge them.
Empower your child toward success and happiness! In this life-changing program your child will learn:

  • ANT Awareness – how to recognize ANTs (Automatic Non-Supportive Thoughts), how to guard against them & smash them!
  • Fun & enlightening strategies to improve self-confidence and to create his/her own success by conscious choices!
  • Powerful life-skills, through a variety of engaging and interactive games, activities, and short cartoon lessons!
  • How to practice leading in a way others will want to follow!

For questions, contact Michelle Schwelling at or 410-292-2254.