Save The Tiger

Huge Turnout for Meeting with BOE Member Brian Meshkin!

WFES hosted BOE Member and Cluster Representative Brian Meshkin on Tuesday night, September 24th.  It was a standing room only crowd of about 85+ concerned parents and friends of WFES.

Brian encouraged us to get involved now with Central Office around the potential close of WFES.  We can work to be part of the solution and bring data driven arguments to help keep our school open.  Brian was very open and encouraging as he shared with us his views as a BOE member and also as a Dad with 3 kids in the Howard County School system.  Working as a cohesive group of concerned parents, we can work on providing information around some of the reasons Brian cited as concerns of Central Office:

  • Septic
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Newer schools not full
  • Financial – not getting economies of scale at a smaller school like WFES

Now is the time to get involved!  Please sign up for Advocacy Committee and stay tuned via our Blog.  Contact Lori Bacon ( for more information.