As the end of this school year approaches, the WFES PTA is continuing with our GIFT OF THANKS program. Just as during the winter holidays, this programs provides a convenient way for you to express your gratitude to the dedicated staff that teach and support our children. Due to the unique situation this year, all the contributions for the community will be pooled for all staff and converted into Amazon eGift cards. Participation is voluntary and we understand that many people may be facing financial hardships during this time. If you cannot contribute monetarily, please remember that school staff appreciate cards, e-mails and videos of appreciation. Since we do not have access to the school,  we can only accept online contributions. The PTA will absorb any online transaction fees.

Here is how the program works:

* Choose how much you would like to donate (minimum $5).  ALL donations will be divided evenly to staff. You do not need to allocate money to individual staff members.

* Staff members will receive a Amazon eGift card.  Each contributing family is recognized on the certificate by name only, not the amount given. 

Deadline for Submissions is May 22nd.

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