As the end of this calendar year approaches, the WFES PTA is continuing with our GIFT OF THANKS program. This program provides a convenient way for you to express your gratitude to the dedicated staff that teach and support our children.

Participation is voluntary and we understand that many people may be facing financial hardships during this time. If you cannot contribute monetarily, please remember that school staff appreciate cards, e-mails and videos of appreciation. Since we do not have access to the school,  we can only accept online contributions. The PTA will absorb any online transaction fees.

Here is how the program works:

  • On the first page please specify how you want your family or child’s name displayed on the gift receipt. The contact information is only for us to reach out to you
  • On the next page you can designate to whom and how much you want to contribute to each staff member
  • The PTA will ensure that every staff member listed will receive at least $10
  • Staff members will receive an Amazon Gift card equal to the total contribution from all families that designated gifts to them.

Deadline for Submissions is December 4th.

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