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Little Scholars

Little Scholars will be putting on after school enrichment classes this fall at WFES. There will be two (2) classes for K-2 students and three (3) classes for 3-5 students.  The classes will run from the last week of September until the week before the Thanksgiving holiday, and they will dismiss at 5:00 pmevery day the class is held.  The classes will range in cost from eighty-four dollars ($84.00) to ninety-six dollars ($96.00) per program.

For the K-2 students, Little Scholars is offering Whiz Kids on Wednesday afternoons and Builders on Thursday afternoons.  For the 3-5 students, Little Scholars is offering Super Sleuths on Wednesday afternoons, Talking Heads on Thursday afternoons, and Newspaper on Friday afternoons. Please see the attachment for a more detailed description of what each class entails or visit Little Scholars’ website at

Registration is available online through the WFES PTA website.

Little Scholars 2016 Fall Catalog