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New website

WFES PTA is moving to a new website. We are trying out this new site in an attempt to consolidate our various online resources and provide more functionality. You have already seen some of this new functionality with the online registration process, and the soon to be launched Gift of Thanks.

In the coming months we will put together some videos to highlight the features under development, but here is a partial list:

  1. Event calendar and registration
  2. Online credit card payments
  3. Volunteer signup sheets
  4. Contact forms
  5. Online store

The transition will take some time. If you have an interest in helping out we are always looking for volunteers. You can always reach out to the site webmaster at

The underlying tool of the site is WordPress, which is an excellent, user friendly content management system. There are lots of plugins that we are using as well. The site may be a bit slow at times, particularly as we keep trying to make enhancements. At some point if we can justify the expense, we will move to a faster hosting solution, so we thank you all for your patience as we transition and experiment with the new site.