The WFES PTA is pleased to offer a “hassle-­‐free” tax-­‐deductible option to help with PTA fundraising. We know how valuable your time is and this may be the right choice for you if you have ever thought, “I would love to help fund our school programs, but I don’t want to fund raise.” Here is the non-­‐event for you!

Please rest assured that 100% of your contributions goes to PTA sponsored activities such as School Assemblies, Community Outreach, Staff Appreciation, Family Fun events, Classroom Enrichment, Spring Festival, plus so many more activities and events that make your child’s elementary school experience memorable and enriched.

The suggested amount is $50 per family but any amount is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help support WFES PTA programs.

We are offering two ways to pay this year. You can opt to make your donation via credit card or mail in a check. Please select which form of payment before moving forward.

Donate with Credit Card

Donate by Check