Dear Room Parents,
Thank you for taking on this important job!  Your hard work is appreciated by all, especially the children!
Below is a list of guidelines that need to be followed for school parties.  If you have any questions, please contact an executive board member.
Guidelines for School Parties:
  1. Teachers are the hosts of the party. They will decide on the food and activity for the party.  Once decided, they will contact you with that information.
  2. The teachers will already have the food approved so you do not need to seek approval from school administration or the Cluster Nurse.
  3. ONLY non-candy goodie bag items can go in goodie bags. NOTE: For Valentine’s Day Parties, please remind parents to not attach candy to Valentine’s Day cards.
  4. When soliciting donations, remind the parents in your class that the only items that can be sent to school are those items that have already been approved and listed.  All other items will be sent home.  If it is a food item, it will go to the front office and they will need to pick it up at the school.  Please also note that if a brand name is specified, that’s what needs to be sent in.  Different brands of the same item may have different ingredients or manufacturing procedures.
  5. Valentine’s Day Teacher Boxes – In lieu of teachers receiving candy-type treats, they can receive school supplies!
    1. Details regarding the Valentine’s Day Teacher Boxes.
    2. Here are some sample letters from room parents requesting donations.
  6. End-of-Year Gift Giving- WFES has implemented the Gift of Thanks Program.  Room Parents do not collect money to contribute towards group gifts for the teachers and are encouraged to utilize this program for several reasons:
    1. Parents/Guardians who are unable to make a financial contribution can remain anonymous.  A heart felt note to the teacher is always a welcomed and treasured gift!
    2. Teachers and Staff Members have the opportunity to select the gift cards of their choice and denominations.  (The staff really loves this program!)
    3. The PTA is able to purchase these cards at a discount.  As a result, the PTA earns money from this program while WFES Staff members still receive 100% of monetary donations.
    4. *The Gift of Thanks certificates will be made available to Room Parents prior to your scheduled picnic.  This way, you can give them to your teachers during the end-of-year celebration.
  7. Remember to have fun.  These elementary school years fly by!
WFES school administration has been very generous in allowing our school to continue with these time-honored traditions.  It is important we follow the guidelines so these traditions can continue.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PTA President or anyone on the executive board.
Many thanks for all you do!