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Sample Room Parent Letters for Valentine’s Day Box

Sample #1

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  This year the whole school will honor our teachers with a “Valentine Day Teacher’s Box”. This effort will be our way of showing our teachers that we care and assist them in replenishing their classroom supplies.  We are half way through the year and supplies have been depleted. This means that your child’s teacher would possibly have to buy supplies with his/her own money.

We will place a collection box inside the classroom from (date time frame) in which your child can place supplies.
Please see suggestions below. 
On (date), we will present the box of supplies to our teachers at the party.  As always, thanks for your help and support of our students.

Supply Suggestions:

Puffs Plus Kleenex
Dry-Erase Markers
Dry-Erase Erasers
Dry-Erase cleaner
Post It notes

Sample #2

Since we are approaching the end of the second quarter, (teacher name) classroom supplies are beginning to dwindle.  In lieu of a Valentine’s Day gift, (teacher name) let us know that she would be very appreciative of any supplies that we could help her to replenish!  In particular, she has asked for lots of glue sticks and prizes for the treasure box!  When students get 10 Tiger Tickets they get to choose something from the treasure box (simple things you could get at the dollar store).  I have also added a sign up sheet for these supplies on the spreadsheet above.  You do not need to wait until Valentine’s Day to send those items in. Thank you to (name – optional) who made us a very cute box for the supply donations-  I will put it next to (teacher name) desk so that you can send in those supplies with your child to place in the box anytime.
Please let me know if you have any questions.