Save The Tiger

Save the Tiger

Save the Tiger!

Have you heard the word?
West Friendship is under consideration for closure.
West Friendship is 88 years old!  Let’s go for 100!

In the feasibility study presented to the board on June 13, 2013 the recommendation was made to close WFES. Three reasons were cited:

1) Declining enrollment in recent projections
2) Septic system out of the sewer service area
3) Funds for a modern waste water system would be more wisely invested in the construction of a new school within the sewer service area.  (Turf Valley area)

The closure of a school is governed by a 14-month process detailed in Policy 6070.  The feasibility study stated that the earliest closing date is August 2014 and the latest is August 2017.  WFES students would be transported to Bushy Park or Dayton Oaks.  At the completion of a new school in the Turf Valley area, redistricting in the Western Region may result in another move for our students.
Process and Timing (dates forthcoming):

1) A technical analysis is in process by school planning personnel and consultants and they will produce a School Closure Report.
2) An Advisory Committee, to include stakeholders, will be formed to review the School Closure Report.
3) A public hearing will be held followed by the Board of Education vote.

WFES PTA Back to School Night Power Point Presentation: 8-29-13

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