The Fair is open to students in all grades. Students will share their learning at the Evening of Excellence/GT Tech Fair, Enrichment Fair & Science Fair Open House. All participants will receive a certificate and ribbon.

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Science Fair 2014 Flyer

Each document has a primary version for grades K-2, and an intermediate version for grades 3-5

  •      Instructional Guide: Selecting a question and designing your experiment
  •      Science Fair Organizer: Helps you to organize your notes.
  •      How to Create a Display Board: Shows you how to layout your display board.

Boards must be self-standing and can be purchased at Target and Michael’s.

Grades K, 1, & 2 Grades 3, 4, &5
Instructional Guide  Instructional Guide Primary  Instructional Guide Intermediate
How to Create a Display Board  Display Board Primary  Display Board Intermediate
Science Fair Organizer  Organizer Form Primary  Organizer Form Intermediate
What makes a well designed investigation?  Primary Questions  Intermediate Questions

Questions? Email Elizabeth Burns or call at 410.489.6785

Recommended Websites

USDA Agricultural Research Service
This site describes the steps in completing a science fair project and gives several project ideas related to
agriculture. Project ideas are provided for the following areas of science:  botany (plants), zoology (animals
and insects), nutrition, and environmental science.
A Student’s Guide to Keeping the Science in your Science Project
An eleven-page document that provides advice on how to make sure your project is a valid scientific investigation. A sample investigation is described. The site also gives advice for preparing a successful project. This site is best viewed by intermediate students, their parents, or parents of primary students.
Your Science Fair Project Resource Guide
This website provides a number of links to other websites where project ideas can be located. Other links provide guidelines for preparing a science fair project.
Discovery Channel School
The Discovery Channel provides tips for success and additional web resources. The website also
has 250 project ideas organized by scientific field.
Science Buddies
Science Buddies has developed the Topic Selection Wizard to help you find a topic that can hold your interest. Students can take an interest survey to help narrow down areas of interest. This tool will help you focus on an area of science that’s best suited for you. Many project ideas are presented in many degrees of difficulty.
Mad Sci-Network
This site gives other sites to choose from, such as search engines to check and see other projects similar to the child’s interests. Also includes other science fair resources and good information for research of topics. Includes great visuals and photographs.