Community Outreach

Troopons™ – Coupons for Troops

The Community Outreach Committee will be collecting MANUFACTURER coupons (expired ones too!)
for our military families overseas consisting of food, non-food, baby and pet manufacturer coupons to make their hard-earned money go further.
Guidelines:1) Please have them already clipped prior sending them into school.
2) Separate coupons into food and non-food – (food: can be eaten or drank by humans for nourishment; chewing gum and mints are considered food. 
non-food: housewares, animal food, vitamins, etc., are not food)
Collection Ends: Friday, January 3oth
How can kids help? Grab a pair of scissors and clip some coupons. This is a great sorting activity too! 

To learn more, please visit:

Questions? Please contact Theresa Yodzis at 410-531-4929 or