Make a submission for PTAles

The PTA publishes a weekly news blast via e-mail every Wednesday evening for Committee Chairs to get news out to members of the PTA.  If you, as a Committee Chair, would like to submit something for the news blast, you must e-mail your submission to Penny Jones ( and cc:  Ms. Breon (, Mrs. Steger ( and the PTA President ( by the close of business on Monday.  If any of the copied parties have an issue with the post, they will contact you to request updates. Updates must be made by the close of business on Tuesday to guarantee that the submission will make it to that week’s issue.

Make a submission for HCPSS News

If you would like to send information out to the entire school at anytime, you may send the information to the principal & Penny Jones at and they will forward it out to everyone within the school that subscribes to HCPSS News.

Make a submission for the PTA Website

Email your submission to the webmaster, and the PTA President,

Getting information to teachers/staff

If you need to send information out to the staff only, please send to the principal and Penny Jones at

Making a submission to the PTA Newsletter

The PTA publishes a monthly newsletter.  If you would like to submit something for the newsletter, you must e-mail your submission to the Corresponding Secretary,  She/he will provide the reminder deadlines for submissions via e-mail.  Newsletters are sent out electronically and are also posted on the PTA website.

The 2015-2016 schedule and deadlines are as follows

Issue Submission Deadline Publication Date
September 11 Sept 2015 Week of 14 Sept 2015
November 06 Nov 2015 Week of 09 Nov 2015
January 08 Jan 2016 Week of 11 Jan 2016
March 04 Mar 2016 Week of 07 Mar 2016
May 27 May 2016 Week of 30 May 2016