Reserve space for an event

Before booking any events, first check with Penny Jones, principal’s secretary, to check for any conflicts.  Then complete the online application by going to:  My Account -> Log In

Contact the PTA President,, for login information.  The reservation must be confirmed with the school. Please contact the Principal’s secretary to complete the reservation.
Please note the deadlines for submitting the Application for Use of School Facilities:

Activity Period

Applications Accepted

Indoor Areas
Fall (Sept 1 – Dec 31) May 1 – June 1
Winter (Jan 1 – Mar 31) Sept 1 – Oct 1
Spring (Apr 1 – Jun 30) Dec 15 – Jan 15
Summer (July 1 – Aug 31) Mar 1 – Apr 1
Outdoor Activities
Fall (Sept 1 – Dec 1) May 1 – Jun 1
Spring/Summer (Mar 1 – Aug 31) Dec 1 – Jan 1

The PTA President must sign all contracts with anyone the PTA does business with and this includes room reservations.  If your board chooses to have another person to sign in to this system and complete the requests, be sure that the PTA President is cc’d on these requests.   The user name and password is stored in the PTA President notebook.

Also, please remember that if you do not want to be charged for heat/air energy use, click NO.

(HINT:  June meetings seem to default to yes and you have to manually change to no)

View a presentation on how to create an account and to log into the program to request rooms at your school as well as any school in the county.

Publicize your event

PTAles, HCPSS News, PTA website, PTA Newsletter, flyers via backpacks, posters or flyers around the school, bulletin board on the left side of the hallway as you enter the school (if available), e-mail to room parents (email addresses on website) morning announcements and PTA meetings are all ways to get your information publicized.  How to use these methods is covered below.

All correspondences being sent out to the general population at WFES, including flyers, must be approved by the administration.  Please forward your document(s) to the principal for approval. Please CC the PTA president,

When planning your publicity, make sure to allow time for administration approval and printing lead-time.  If you place posters or flyers around school, you are responsible for making sure that your items do not cover up other flyers and for the removal of posters after your event. 

Sending home notices/flyers with students

Remember that all correspondence to be sent home via backpacks must be approved by the principal.  Information needed for all flyers and other forms of publicity for your event should include the following information and follow these guidelines:

  • Name of event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Fee (if applicable)
  • Due date for your fee
  • Contact person with phone number and e-mail (on top portion and return portion of page)
  • If possible, please insert this phrase on flyers (if applicable), “In order to maintain a safe environment for all children and adults in the West Friendship community, we encourage parents/guardians to supervise their children during all PTA and school events.  Our goal is to provide a positive experience for all participants.”
  • If you want the forms to go out in Friday Folders, please have the forms in the paraeducator’s mailboxes no later than Thursday.  If you need a form to go out that day, please make sure it is in the mailbox no later than 9:00 a.m.
  • When you’re ready to distribute the copies, you need to batch them before putting them in the mailboxes. Please indicate if the forms are to go out to every student or just Youngest and Only.
  • Number of copies needed for each teacher as well as family/student numbers is posted in the teacher’s workroom and on the white board in the PTA room.
  • Put a small note on your batches instructing teachers when to send them home and if an extra copy is included for their records.  PTA Batch Labels.
  • We also have an excel based version of this form that includes the number of copies for each class and the para-educator assignments. Check on our Links and Forms page to get the most up to date copy
  • If you have any extra copies, please put them in the front office.  Penny can help direct you to where they are kept above the file cabinets.

 Guidance on Form/Flyer language

As many of you know, we have a diversity of types of families in Howard County and our schools. Besides single-parent families, many of our children live in multigenerational families, blended families, and families where parents are of the same gender. Please be sure that your local PTA materials reflect and allow for that. Rather than saying “father-mother” only on items like membership and volunteer sign up forms, please use “Parent/Guardian 1” and “Parent/Guardian 2”. This enables all families to feel that they are welcomed and respected by PTAs. It also gives you more accurate information on who’s helping the child(ren) grow. Remember, one of our slogans in PTA is “every child counts.” This extends to her/his family too.

Making copies of posters and flyers

  1. All PTA correspondence to the general WFES population is pink.  Pink paper is located in the PTA room.  Do not purchase extra paper.
  2. You may use the copier in the teacher’s workroom for 50 copies or less.  In order to use this copier, you must use the PTA copier access key hanging on the white board in the PTA room. Please return the access key to the white board. Remember to be  mindful of the teachers/staff while making copies. They get priority use of the copier.
  3. For larger print jobs you can go to the print shop located on Rte. 108 next to the school board.  Prior to dropping off the job you must fill out a request form provided by the front office staff.  You must bring your own paper.  Keep in mind that the print shop requires a two-week turn around, so you must plan ahead.

Note:  # of copies needed for each teacher as well as family/student numbers are posted in the teacher’s workroom as well as on the whiteboard in the PTA Room.

Requesting custodial support

Fill out a form requesting any items you made need from the custodial staff such as extra trash cans, chairs, etc.  These forms can be found in a paper-made pocket stapled on a bulletin board between the health room and staff workroom.

Setting up a response drawer

If you send home a flyer that requires a written response, you must designate a location for the returned responses.  In the PTA room, on the table to the right, are several plastic drawers. Most of them are already labeled.  If you need a response drawer, please create a label and tape it to a non-labeled drawer.  If one is not available, please use a drawer that is currently not being used.  If you are still not sure which drawer is a good choice, please feel free to contact an executive board member for help.  Most staff members are already familiarized that this is where to send PTA responses.

If you want to setup an electronic response system, please contact the PTA Webmaster,, to discuss your options.